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Cora Staunton signs with Greater Western Sydney Giants

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Mayo legend Cora Staunton signed with Greater Western Sydney Giants in the Australian Football League Women’s. “Cora Staunton is probably the surprise package of the selections in the draft,” Giants coach Alan McConnell said. She said they will expect the 34-year old to bring her spunk to the team. “She’s a goal-kicking forward, so we’re […]

SKINS compression Wear and Why it is a Must for GAA
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We have noticed when watching a sports event nowadays, it is impossible that a hurling or football games – without spotting a compression sportswear. While endorsers are claiming the many benefits of wearing these kinds of sportswear, it has been proven that compression has some very real physiological benefits – and most of it occurs […]

Dublin maintains they are not paying managers
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Dublin never paid managers, and it will remain the same in the future. Dublin Chairman Sean Shanley said Jim Gavin and his support team are volunteers. “I’d have to say that Dublin expenses aren’t as much as other counties.” Shanley told The Irish Daily Star. He stressed that while they are running two big teams, […]

Shanahan doubts Waterford’s management will stay

Dan Shanahan doubts that Waterford’s management will stay for the next season. “A lot of that will have to do with different things witth the county board,” Shanahan told Newstalk’s Off The Ball. The former Hurler of the Year said there is a 50-50 chance of retaining the management. “The backing – the 120 per […]

O’Connor is open to the competition change

Jamesie O’Connor says he is open to the competition change in hurling as long as it is competitive. “Anything that increases the number of competitive matches – and I stress ‘competitive’ – has to be welcomed,” O’Connor wrote in the Independent. “The likes of Waterford and Galway will now get their quote of home games, […]

Charlie Vernon nails SFC final after four tries

Charlie Vernon is happy the finally nails a final championship after four tries. “You put your heart and soul into it for a long, long time and it didn’t come off for us,” Vernon said. He added they were facing tougher teams for a long time in the past. “We were up against quality teams […]

McMahon excited to lead club Omagh in final

Joe McMahon admits it is a big honor to lead his club Omagh in the SFC final on Sunday. “It’s a real honour for me to captain the team, especially with my county career ending this year,” McMahon said. Omagh handed the captaincy to McMahon after he called it quits with his inter-county career earlier […]