Q&A with Tipperary Ladies Footballer Sinead Delahunty

Sinead Delahunty

Name one county and one club team you love playing against/beating?

County team – Waterford

Club team – Ballyboden St. Enda’s

Name your favourite player growing up and current favourite player?

Favourite player growing up: Tipperary ladies footballer – Angie McDermott
Current favourite player: Club teammate – Sinéad Goldrick

As a food blogger, what would you recommend as a good pre match/training meal?

Pre-match/training meal: A banana is always a good idea if in a hurry or stuck for good food choices. I usually have pancakes the morning of a midday match or a homemade curry with sweet potato and plenty of green vegetables before an evening match/training session.

What other sport do you think you would excel at? 

Basketball – I played the whole way through school and wished I had the time to keep it up in college.

In 3 words describe your career thus far?

Physiotherapy career: Variety, Experience and Challenging.


T – Tasty Food/Drink

What dish and drink would you recommend serving up for an after match win?

Milk immediately after match to replenish the protein stores to ensure muscle recovery.

Food: Ah this is tough – a big steak with sweet potato fries and sticky toffee pudding for dessert!

A – Advice?
For any youngster wanting to make county ?

Prepare to train harder than you’ve every trained before both on and off the field. Don’t hold back from the challenges ahead. Act like a sponge and absorb all the good and bad things you experience to make the good things better and limit the bad things. If in doubt, question things don’t wait for someone else. Prioritise injury prevention exercises and advice. Back yourself 100% and enjoy every minute as you don’t know how long your inter-county career will last.

W – Worst Cook/Baker
Name and Shame who you think would make a terrible chef

Aisling Moloney (Tipperary Ladies Football) – She’s been known to put whole chillies (including seeds) in sandwiches

S – Best Stadium you’ve played in?

Semple Stadium