Do You Suffer From Ankle Sprains

A sprained ankle is a common injury, as injuries go it’s regarded as one of the more minor injuries. That said, it is a very painful injury but not a career ending injury.

There are 3 grades of Sprained Ankle:
Grade 1

Ankle Sprain is a minor grade of Ankle Sprain. With a grade 1 sprain it means that the ligaments are over stretch. The player would be out from 1 to 3 weeks.
Grade 2

Ankle Sprain is an intermediate Ankle Sprain. In this grade some or all of the ligaments are partially torn. The player would be out for 4 to 8 weeks
Grade 3

Ankle Sprain is the most major of the Ankle Sprain category of sprain. With a grade 3 sprain some or all of the ligaments are torn. May require surgery depending on damage done. The player is out of action for 12 to 16 weeks.

There are many causes for an ankle sprain. One of the reasons it happens is due to the player not doing proper stretches. This means that ligaments aren’t supple enough.

Causes also include where the player is falling over and as the player is falling the foot is inverted and the player bears his full weight in the ankle which causes the ligaments to be either over stretched or partially torn or fully torn.

It is caused by severe impact on the ankle which also can be caused by an opponent going for the ball and either misses the ball and the opponents foot contingent on ad impacting the players ankle causing damage to the ankle or the opponent his the ball but the opponent can’t pull out of the tackle to avoid not impacting the players ankle.another causes is in hurling when the player and his opponent pull on the sloth at on the ground and the opponents hurl continues and hits the players ankle.

Include but not limited to:
– Severe pain when the player puts his/her foot on the ground.
– Nerve damage
– Severe swelling
– Bruising wich varies from light brown to a deep red.
– Can’t move the ankle due to swelling

Do not put full weight on the injured ankle as this will greater. Either use crutches or get someone to support your weight till you get to sit down. My advice is go straight to hospital where they will x-ray or scan the ankle and do reflex tests to confirm it. From the x-ray/scan they will be able to determine what grade of sprain it is.

If it’s a grade 1,2 or 3 sprain, this will determine the level of treatment required includes but not limited to:
– Ankle Support/Strapping or ankle boot (depending on if it is a grade 1,2 or 3 sprain)
– Use crutches to get around and when resting keep the ankle elevated by using a stool or on a couch. The more rest the better.
РWhen the ankle is sufficiently rested after a week or 2 for a grade 1 sprain, more for a grade 2 and 3 sprain. Your physiotherapist or sports therapist will give exercises to improve movement. Consult your sports therapist or other medically trained person for further advice.
Never self diagnose this or any injury. Always get advice and treatment from someone who is medically trained like a Doctor or Hospital Staff or Sports Therapist.
Aidan Raftery
Sports Therapist at AR Sports Therapy Clinic