Barney Rock fears MacAuley’s unavailability next year

Barney Rock is fealing uneasy as Michael Darragh MacAuley’s availability for Dublin next year is questionable.

“He looks like he was disappointed not to get on, those two matches in a row,” Rock told The Irish Daily Mirror.

The father of Dean, who was the match-winner on Sunday said he hopes the midfielder will return for another season.

“Going forward it is a fantastic spell for these players and Jim Gavin has moved the team around this year.”

He said that while the new blood is something to look forward to, MacAuley’s veteran presence will still play a crucial role.

The former Footballer of the Year added he was just unlucky that he was playing alongside talented players.

“He’s lean and mean and looks very, very good. It was very hard to put him in somewhere when the two midfield were playing really well.”