Feargal Logan steps down as Tyrone U-21 manager

Feargal Logan steps down as Tyrone’s All-Ireland winning U-21 manager after four years. County Board chairperson Roisin Jordan thanked Logan for his work in the past years. “Feargal led the Under 21s to their first silverware at the Grade in almost a decade when they claimed the Ulster title in 2015, culminting with an All-Ireland […]

Colm Cooper believes Tyrone elevated sledging in game

Colm Cooper believes that three time All-Ireland winner Tyrone elevated sledging in Gaelic football. “Tyrone didn’t invent sledging in the GAA, let’s be very clear about that,” Cooper or “Gooch” wrote in his soon-to-be-released autobiography. “They were the first team I came up against who seemed to regard trash-talking as being just as fundamental to […]

Paul Hearty retires after celebrating colorful career

Paul Hearty retires after 23 years and looked back at a colorful career. “It is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from Gaelic football today,” Hearty’s retirement statement said. The former Armagh goalkeeper thanked his family who supported him and team managements who helped him throughout the years. “Firstly I will start […]

Cavanagh unsure of last hurrah with Ireland

Sean Cavanagh said it his highly unlikely for him to return to Ireland and see action in the International Rules Series. “It is goging to be tough. I said to Joe I would see how things go with the club, and things are progressing rather well,” Cavanagh told the Irish News. Cavanagh and his wife […]

O’Connor is open to the competition change

Jamesie O’Connor says he is open to the competition change in hurling as long as it is competitive. “Anything that increases the number of competitive matches – and I stress ‘competitive’ – has to be welcomed,” O’Connor wrote in the Independent. “The likes of Waterford and Galway will now get their quote of home games, […]

Gavin says he respects the opinion of all people

Jim Gavin said he respects the opinion of everyone but maintained they only focus on what matters to them the most. “People’s opinions are their opinions and the one that really counts for us is the opinions of our clubmates,” Gavin said. The Dublin manager broke his silence two weeks after they claimed their third […]

Michael Duignan approves of new hurling format

Michael Duignan says he approves of the new competition format for hurling approved by the Special Congress. “I’m excited about it,” Duignan told RTE Radio 1’s Saturday Sport. Under the new format, the Munster and Leinster provincial championships will be played ona five team round-robin basis. “I’d love to be a part of this as […]

Jarlath Burns said new rule will make the game more aggressive

Jarlath Burns said the new kick-out rule will make the game more aggressive. “In 2010, we changed the rule that all kick-outs are taken on the 13m line,” Burns told Newstalk’s Off The Ball. “It’s just a very low-risk kick-out; you kick it tot the left and then you’re slowly building methodically the whole whol […]

Barney Rock fears MacAuley’s unavailability next year

Barney Rock is fealing uneasy as Michael Darragh MacAuley’s availability for Dublin next year is questionable. “He looks like he was disappointed not to get on, those two matches in a row,” Rock told The Irish Daily Mirror. The father of Dean, who was the match-winner on Sunday said he hopes the midfielder will return […]

Jim McGuinness says Mayo can only blame themselves for loss

Jim McGuinness says Mayo can only blame themselves for their loss in the All-Ireland final last Sunday. “Everyone in Croke Park and watching around the world knew that Mayo were poised to win the All-Ireland on Sunday,” McGuinnes wrote on The Irish Times. However, he said their inability to manage the closing stages of the […]