Cillian McDaid to play for the Carlton Blues

Starlet Cillian McDaid will become the Carlton Blues’ latest Irish recruit. McDaid scored 1-1 from wing back in the Tribesmen’s All-Ireland U21FC loss to Dublin earlier this year. The Galway rising football star will fly to Melbourne, Australia on Sunday. He will sign a two-year international rookie contract with the Aussie Rules club. Other notable […]

Darren Hughes to replace injured Pearce Hanley

Monaghan’s Darren Hughes will replace Pearce Hanley who suffered a broken hand. Hughes will fly to Australia to help Ireland as they try to come back from a 10-point deficit to retain the Cormac McAnnallen championship. Team manager Joe Kernan confirmed the replacement, saying the midfielder will provide a huge help to the team. “He […]

Joe Brolly says Mickey Harte should step down as manager

Joe Brolly says now is the good time for Mickey Harte to step down as manager but believes the latter will not do so that easily. “Anyone who thinks Mickey (Harte) is going to walk quietly into the night has another thing coming.”Brolly told the Irish Independent’s GAA podcast. He said there is a certain […]

SKINS compression Wear and Why it is a Must for GAA

We have noticed when watching a sports event nowadays, it is impossible that a hurling or football games – without spotting a compression sportswear. While endorsers are claiming the many benefits of wearing these kinds of sportswear, it has been proven that compression has some very real physiological benefits – and most of it occurs […]

Donaghy Could Face A Ban After Galway Incident

Donaghy could face a ban after the incident with Declan Kyne ring yesterday’s All-Ireland SFC quarter-final at Croke Park.   The Sunday Game last night highlighted the incident but it was seen during the game and Kieran Donaghy has his hands wrapped around the neck of Kyne after he fisted a point over the bar. Kieran […]