We Caught Up With Brian Hurley

We Caught Up With Brian Hurley for a questions and answer and this is what he had to say:

Q1 How do you rate you chances for the Munster?

Our ultimate aim would be to win it out that’s why we train all year , but obviously our focus is on Waterford in the first round.
Q2. Name your favourite player growing up and current favourite player?
Growing up – Owen Mulligan
Current – Conor Mcmanus
Q3. Hardest player you’ve played against?
Graham Canty
Q4. What other sport do you like to play?
Rugby & soccer


T – Tekkers?

Most technically gifted player you’ve played with?

Mark Collins
A – Advice?
For any youngster wanting to make county level ?
Listen to your coaches & improve the areas you are poor at.  If you want to make it you need to work harder that everyone else.

W – Worst taste in Music

Donnacha o Connor 100% !!!

S – Best Stadium you’ve played in?