Championship Dressing Room

Championship dressing room - that feeling

Unless you play GAA, you wont know what its like to sit in a dressing room with 32 people in utter dead silence. The heads are down, the boots are tapping with nerves against the ground and this game feels like the big one. Every game feels like its the big one.

Championship dressing room - that feeling

Championship dressing room – that feeling

I personally think that when there’s a dead silent vibe and everyone is nothing but focused, you know that its going to be a battle, one of your best yet even, perhaps. You know that when you’re going out on to that field that you’re going to leave it all out there and come in after knowing you gave it everything. You don’t just want to win to advance to the next stages, but you want to win your team mates who share the jersey with you. The background team. The management, your home supporters and especially for the team mates injured who usually play a vital role in the team. This is what really makes the GAA. The passion and respect. No other sport like our own. You even wish to get a good win so it gets the other clubs talking about your game, fearing who we have on the team and wondering how we got a win.

If you’re still competing in championship this year, best of luck!