Colm Cooper believes Tyrone elevated sledging in game

Colm Cooper believes that three time All-Ireland winner Tyrone elevated sledging in Gaelic football.

“Tyrone didn’t invent sledging in the GAA, let’s be very clear about that,” Cooper or “Gooch” wrote in his soon-to-be-released autobiography.

“They were the first team I came up against who seemed to regard trash-talking as being just as fundamental to the game as tackling.” he said.

He revisited the 2-10 to 1-16 All-Ireland defeat of 2005.

“They were relentless in ’05. Right from the throw-in, a constant commentary.”

He specifically mentioned Ryan McMenamin for his brand or style of playing.

“He’d hit you the odd dig into the back too and try to annoy you with these little pinches,” Gooch said.

“Hoping you might throw an elbow back and get the line.”

He said that Tyrone is known for pushing the boundaries that year and that doing such resulted to two All-Ireland titles in three years.