Fennelly Might Not Be Ready In Time

Michael Fennelly might not be ready in time to represent the Cats in this years hurling qualifiers.

Kilkenny have to come through the back door after their defeat to Wexford, Fennelly is in a struggle to get back to full fitness and mobility and believes it is a race against time.

“I have a bit of an issue with the Achilles there at the moment, just waiting on it to settle down, a bit of aggravation. That’s a small bit frustrating, but hopefully this week it will settle down and I can settle down to doing a small bit of training,” Fennelly spoke to the The Irish Independent.

“It’s aggravated at the minute, it’s inflamed, it just needs to settle basically. So that’s what I’m waiting for at the moment and trying to manage the training load at the moment. I’d be under pressure. It’s a race against time. I’m not really putting any dates on it.

“We just don’t really know with it. I’ll do a bit of running later on this evening and see where it goes and hopefully push on from there. When you’re playing at this level your body needs to be fully healthy. When you’re going out to play a game these days you’re under a high risk of injury again if you’re not at full health.

“If I can get my body some way right then we can see what happens. If the head is right then hopefully the body will come right soon enough.”