Gavin says he respects the opinion of all people

Jim Gavin said he respects the opinion of everyone but maintained they only focus on what matters to them the most.

“People’s opinions are their opinions and the one that really counts for us is the opinions of our clubmates,” Gavin said.

The Dublin manager broke his silence two weeks after they claimed their third All-Ireland SFC in a row.

The club recently received criticisms over the past few weeks despite their dominance in the All-Ireland.

Some of the criticisms came from journalists Paul Kimmage and popular soccer pundit Eamon Dunphy.

But Gavin said that while he respects all opinions and criticisms, their focus remain on those who support them.

“I’ve been in Brussels and Frankfurt the last few days with work and what’s important to us is the people that mean a lot to us and that’s our family, friends, the club and the community.” he said.

He added they are just honored to represent the county.