Jarlath Burns said new rule will make the game more aggressive

Jarlath Burns said the new kick-out rule will make the game more aggressive.

“In 2010, we changed the rule that all kick-outs are taken on the 13m line,” Burns told Newstalk’s Off The Ball.

“It’s just a very low-risk kick-out; you kick it tot the left and then you’re slowly building methodically the whole whol way and it’s not a very good spectacle” he said.

At the Special Congress, 82% voted in favor of the motion to move the kick-outs beyond the 20m line.

The GAA Standing Rules Committee Chairman said they are not targetting Dublin’s Stephen Cluxton with the new rule.

“We have great respect and admiration for Stephen Cluxton. Dublin will innovate yet again to make their kick-outs interesting and make them relevant.”

He added their main intention is to encourage goal keepers to go long.

“At the end of the day, every team wants to maintain possession from the kick-out. This motion doesn’t seek to change it, we just want to make the short kick-out slightly longer.”