Liam Rushe No Socks No Fashion

LIAM RUSHE gave an ironic smile when some throws him an inevitable question about his ankle socks came at the press event.

A hysterical reaction on social media on his special ‘ankle sock’ which he wore on the recent Leinster quarter final over Galway.

After wearing his new boots in the league relegation play-offs against Claire last April, the socks were down to bulge and he suffered.

It was recommended that Rushe had committed a major social blunder, but he laughed off that allegation.

“There’s no big story,” he said. ”I wasn’t making a fashion statement. I suppose I forgot how traditional the GAA is. There seemed to be a lot of opposition to them. But my feet were in a bad way with blisters.

“They were destroyed in the relegation battle and I’ve been struggling to get them back fixed since. So I went with those socks. I suppose they are supposed to be the best on the market for a bit of protection.”

Will the 26-year-old be breaking them out in the next day?

“I’ll have to stick to my guns now, to be honest. Yeah they were just very bad after the relegation battle. It would be a couple of kilometre involved for me walking to work and I’d have to get taxis it was that bad. They were gone up, big massive blood blisters.

“Half my feet were purple so I just said I don’t really care to be honest, I’ll wear them if I want.”