Pete McGrath is considering another year in charge of the Fermanagh senior football team. The two time All Ireland winner was expected to step down after the Ernesiders crashed out of the championship at the hands of Armagh. 

The Down legend has however confirmed that he’s considering giving it another crack for the 2018 season.

“We’re looking at it positively. You could look at the bare facts and say ‘we were relegated and we lost two championship matches by nine points’ and you would say ‘yeah, it was very disappointing and maybe there’s no way back’,” he told The Irish News.

“But when you look beneath the surface at the issues that we had to deal with, they were out of the ordinary given the numbers that we’re talking about in what is already a small player pool given the fact that there’s only 20 clubs in the county.

“It’s a question of asking: if you got half-decent breaks in the year ahead and people coming back, as they will be, is there still potential in this team? I think there is. If we think it’s in the best interests of everyone to go on then that’s maybe the decision we will take, but there’s nothing written in stone yet.”

McGrath gave these words in a recent interview with The Irish News.