O’Connor is open to the competition change

Jamesie O’Connor says he is open to the competition change in hurling as long as it is competitive.

“Anything that increases the number of competitive matches – and I stress ‘competitive’ – has to be welcomed,” O’Connor wrote in the Independent.

“The likes of Waterford and Galway will now get their quote of home games, something Galway in particular have been crying out for.”

Traditional strong hurling counties were against the new structure.

The 1997 Hurler of the Year said he sees a single flaw in the new system.

“The early stages of the club championship” he said.

“Which are often played at the end of April or in early May, could come under threat especially with the desire to bring the calendar forward and get the All-Irelands over by the end of August.”

He added that Kilkenny tried to to wait it out but the proposal was shut down because of strong desire for change.