Philly McMahon says he will not bite into bait

Philly McMahon’s focus is solely in the semi-finals.

That is why he has a simple advice to those who will try to get his temper up.

Philly McMahon Will Miss Dublin's First Game

Philly McMahon

“I think it would be a stupid thing to do because it’s kind of my bread and butter. I’ve never failed to, you know, to fall into that trap, so if there’s an opposition team that are thinking of doing that to me, I’d welcome it. Because I don’t think it works.” he told The Irish Independent.

McMahon credited his MMA experience as a big help in controlling his emotions in the field.

“When you’re getting punched in the face and you’re not just reacting, you’re responding I supposed to the situation and it just becomes a habit.” he said.

The All-Star defender said he is rooting for Conor McGregor in his titanic match against Floyd Mayweather but knows that McGregor will be at a disadvantage.

“You just never know because it’s like us playing Tyrone next week, we don’t know how well we’re prepared for it. We don’t know how well our attack is going to work, the same with them.”