Q&A with Armagh Footballer Ethan Rafferty

We caught up with the Orchard man Ethan Rafferty for a Q&A after  Caolan Mooney tagged him

Caolan Tagged Ethan Rafferty of Armagh for a Q&A

Caolan Mooney tagged Ethan Rafferty of Armagh for a Q&A

What age did you start to play Gaelic Football?

I was playing as far back as I can remember. So would have been after Mass at the club at around 5 years old.

Who inspired you most as a child?

My Father always kept a close eye on the Brothers and myself, but I always wanted to be like Paul McGrane.

Who’s the best player you’ve played with?
Stefan ‘Soupy’ Campbell for obvious reasons and my cousin Padraig for his sheer determination and great attitude.

What’s your most memorable moment playing for Armagh?
It would have to be my league debut for Armagh. A great feeling playing with all the boys, notched up four points as well. So was very pleased with that.

Who is the Joker of the Pack on the Armagh Panel?
Quite a few boys think they are funny in the camp, but Paul Courtney is a great man for story time.

What other Sports do you follow?
I’m a big fan of the NBA, though the Knicks have not been great. I’d like to think I’d make a decent player haha

Toughest player you have played against?
Niall Grimley, a very hard man to stop when he gets a march on you.

Who’s the dumbest player?
David O’Hagan because his initials are ‘DOH’ same as Homer Simpson’s infamous catchphrase. We like to remind him about it sometimes.

Who is the ‘pretty boy’ in the panel?
Joey McElroy takes this title. He is very fond of his Quiff!

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