Q&A with Mayo Ladies Forward Niamh Kelly

Name one county and one club team you love playing against/beating?


Name your favourite player growing up and current favourite player?

Marcella and Christina Heffernan, because they reminded me of myself and my sister Grace

Current : Sarah Tierney

In your opinion best player of the campaign. Any county?

Sinead Aherne (Dublin)

What other sport do you think you would excel at?

Basketball since my teammates call me Le Bron, Ah no probably soccer, played with Ireland for a year.

After defeat to Dublin and I suppose a bit of reflection. How was everyone in the squad and who stepped up to offer words of inspiration?

I’ve never been in a dressing room as quiet. We were all devastated and heartbroken. It was a horrible feeling. It was such an enjoyable campaign this year and it was sad to think it was over, we didn’t think it was going to end last Saturday. Yvonne Byrne and our captain Sarah Tierney spoke with real character, heart and inspiration.

In 3 words describe your own campaign this year?

It’s hard to sum it up in 3 words but ..


T – Test?

Biggest test/challenge of your sporting career?

Beating Kerry in the All-Ireland league semi final 2016 by a point

A – Advice?
For any youngster on having a set back? E.g. injury, defeat criticism

Stay positive and never give up because hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard!!

W – Worst taste in Music
Helena Lohan – can’t be seen without her Walkman!!

S – Support
Your biggest supporter.
Mam and Dad