Questions with All Ireland Champion Grace Walsh

Grace Walsh Kilkenny

We have been fortunate to get Five Minutes with All Ireland Champion Grace Walsh for Kilkenny.

Name one county and one club team you love playing against/beating?


Club-Ballycallan-squish, the blue bottles was all we were thought growing up.

Name your fav player growing up and current fav player?

Favourite player growing up: Tommy Walsh
Current favourite player: Padraig Walsh 😹

In your opinion, best player of the campaign. Any county?

Meighan Farrell (our own midfielder- would put her head in anywhere)

What’s it like being an Ireland champion ?

Surreal-everything you dream of.

How did the celebrations go after. Remember much?

Possibly the best week of my life, I remember it all..don’t think I can say the same for Katie Power.

In 3 words describe your own campaign this year?

Little bit disappointing


T- Biggest test of your Sporting Career?

Being injured for almost a year and not able to help my club Tullaroan progress to the All-Ireland club final the start of this year.
A- for any youngster wanting to make county?

Practice makes perfect, and hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard enough.

W- Worst behaved, name and shame?

Has to be between Mirsey Walsh and Sarah ‘spud’ Crowley…they come up with some one-liners between them!!

S- Shoes – A day in the life of another sports woman’s shoes?

Briege Corkery, id love to know how she fits in Camogie and football training in with all that farming she does.

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