Ryan McMenamin looks forward to assistant manager job

Ryan McMenamin says he looks forward to his job as Fermanagh’s new assistant manager.

“It came up and it was probably too good to turn down,” McMenamin told The Irish Daily Star.

He said he was surprised initially when he received the phone call from Rory Gallagher but decided on it right away.

“Rory gave me a couple of days to think about it. We met up and we kind of hit it off when we started chatting about football,” he said.

“Ricey” said he only knew of Gallagher through football but never got the chance to talk to him.

“I’d have played against him but nothing more than that. I got the call out of the blue so it was a shock to me. It’s good to work along with Rory as well. You hear nothing but good coming from the management end of it.”