SKINS compression Wear and Why it is a Must for GAA

We have noticed when watching a sports event nowadays, it is impossible that a hurling or football games – without spotting a compression sportswear. While endorsers are claiming the many benefits of wearing these kinds of sportswear, it has been proven that compression has some very real physiological benefits – and most of it occurs after the game.

SKINS compression wear provides graduated compression to stimulate circulation. It has a massaging effect resulting to stimulate blood flow. Because of this effect the lactic acid produced during the game will be removed. Whether you’re a professional athlete or not, this could mean a speedier recovery and enhanced performance and your muscles are less sore and stiff. Wearing SKINS compression wear can apply the kind of pressure that has been proven to cut down on swelling and inflammation. It can squeeze blood back to the heart to slow fatigue.

Another reason why SKINS compression wear is a must for sports people is for preventing and managing injury by reducing muscle oscillation. It is best to reduce stress injuries by letting your know when your body is at its limit – that way you don’t over-extend joints. SKINS compression wear is also useful for people with certain existing injuries, by providing support to minimize undesired movement of underlying tissues.

The feel of the material and the pressure on the skin plus the support to reduced wobble, a lot of athletes who tries SKINS compression wear r has been proven that it provides a performance boost and that they feel better afterward. Other highlights include moisture wicking, SPF 50 + UV protection and waistband is specifically designed for more comfortable and accurate fit. This clothing has not been shown to have adverse effect so if you haven’t tried them yet – give SKINS compression wear a shot.