Trying To Keep Motivated

I know what its like to be on the losing team and it is very difficult trying to keep motivated, I’ve been part of it too often and for an amateur player, its tough. Not just physically, but mentally. As a player, you don’t train 4 times a week, put on the effort outside of training and go to games to lose them.

Obviously you want to win. GAA is completely old-fashioned in the sense where players aren’t getting paid for their commitment and time put into it. We pay for the membership at the beginning of the year which includes insurance & registration with your club and that money comes from our own back pockets which for me is €50. When we are doing the work outside of ‘field training’ such as going to the gym, we are paying for our own recovery & nutrition ingredients which will include protein and shakers which will cost you probably another €50. Money out of our own back pockets again. We also have to pay for a gym membership which can be in the €100 mark.

The thing is, GAA is a 12 month job really.You begin training in January , the league begins around March, and then Championship can begin around May/June. Some players will be lucky to get a 1 week break before championship season kicks off. And when championship does begin, that’s when all sacrifices must be kept. No nights out with you’re friends, No holidays around championship matches. You have to keep yourself completely free for those match dates. Its very difficult to stay motivated year after year when you arent winning or reaching the County final. Its very hard to stay motivated because players are travelling from all over Ireland to make that training session at 7.30 in the evening when its been raining all day. The dark evenings in winter, the cold and all for what?