Waterford Will Not Have De Burca For The Cork Clash

Waterford will not have Tadhg de Burca for the Cork clash as he has been given a one match ban fro the GAA’s Central Competitions Control Committee, after he was sent off in the quarter-final clash over Wexford.

De Burca who played a sweeper tole got involved in an off the ball tangle with Harry Kehoe and was adjudged to have pulled his face guard.

De Búrca will then be cited for a category III (iv) infraction, specifically ‘behaving in any way which is dangerous to an opponent, including deliberately pulling on or taking hold of a faceguard or any part of an opponent’s helmet.’

The suspension is for one match as this offence is a one match suspension minimum meaning De Búrca will be ineligible for Waterford’s All-Ireland semi-final clash with Cork on 13 August.